Here Comes Colie

You can call me Colie 🙂

I am a mostly bright-eyed & bubbly girl with a goofy sense of humor. Just trying to navigate my way through this maze called life. I have been lucky to experience a lot of adventures already and make a few observations along the way. I have learned a lot and feel blessed to be where I am at in my life.

I enjoy so many things and really am a half and half girl. You can blame that on me being a Leo/Virgo ( which I LOVE). I like all kinds of Music, Literature, T.V./Movies( though I try and limit them), Food, & more. So it is pretty easy for me to mesh with most people 🙂 Some of my favorite hobbies include Crafts, Reading, Health/Fitness, Graphic Design, & Making My Own….Everything. I was raised in the country for pretty much my whole life so while I die over the perfect eyeliner, I also love to hike, camp, and fish and quiet moments in nature are important to me as well. It really is hard to find things I don’t enjoy! I would also say that learning things is a big priority of mine and one that I really enjoy.

I am a expecting mother! My first one and she will be here early November! I am beyond excited (and a bit nervous) and cant wait to see her experience nature, learning, and good food! As well as well… everything else! I aim to teach her many of the things I have been taught. Like respect, friendship, appreciation, compassion, and to treat the Earth right as well. To me parenting is about much more than rules, but also how we form these children. And I believe one big step in a better world is through our children. Instilling values on her is very important to me especially in the day and age we are in.

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to help people. While some of my schemes were a bit far fetched, my heart was in the right place. As an adult I haven’t lost sight of that ultimate goal. Although I know I won’t ever be a Princess (probably), I can use some of my compassion to help others still. One thing I am very passionate about is health and with what I have picked up along the way, believe that is one way I can make a difference in the world.