A Day Late And A Holler Short

Well. I had hoped to document more of my journey on here! But I went temporarily insane from eating 4-6 plain dates a day for months on end. Ok kidding, but I think I could be ok if I NEVER saw a date in its raw form ever again. I do believe it helped me with my labor though! That’s a story for another day but short stats were that it was about 15 hours total. 7 of that was active/intense, 5 in the hospital and 2 I was pushing! During it I thought it was the worst labor in the world.. FTM here nothing to compare to ( oh and a sissy with certain pains.) But after I realized it was a pretty good experience. I was lucky with my whole pregnancy hardly having any symptoms besides a growing belly and a easy birth. (Are they ever really easy though?)

What I feel really helped me the most though was the dates, my pregnancy tea blend, a whole food diet( basically Weston A Price pregnancy diet minus raw milk after 4 months), and just staying active ( kinda… after 4-5 months I started walking, and a lot.) I didn’t even waddle until the day of labor! And I was 200 lbs at the end!! No diabetes even 🙂 I didn’t even take the prenatals after 2 months, which is the biggest part of why I followed the WAP diet. I have a beautiful healthy happy baby who is developing pretty dang speedy! Sometimes I wonder if she was 4 days overdue or 4 months!

This post ended up being more in depth than I planned about the birth, oops. But I do want to focus on that more later… So lets just leave this as a catch up and my next post will start us out on a little profile on Raspberry leaf, a herb I use a lot lately. In my pregnancy and lactation teas.




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