Pregnancy DONTS

I’m going to list some things you are NOT supposed to take or do during pregnancy. These for the most part are DEFINATELY don’t dos. Certain things I may advise in other posts to use at your own discretion ( after all big pharma does sometimes make it difficult to know if something is good or bad for you with fake articles and studies published). But these should not be used, unless as directed/suggested. Its better to not risk your health and safety or your childs!

BOLDED-Avoid during nursing as well!

Angelica -Stimulates suppressed menstruation

Black Cohosh -An uterine stimulant mostly used during labor

Blue Cohosh -A stronger uterine stimulant –

Borage Oil -An uterine stimulant, use only during the last few days of pregnancy (WITH healthcare approval)

Comfrey -Can cause liver problems in mother and fetus (use only briefly and externally ONLY for treating sprains and strains wise to follow for breastfeeding as well.)

Dong Quai-May stimulate bleeding

Fenugreek -Uterine relaxant (Some sites advise use is ok, CONSULT DOCTOR for approval and use your own discretion)

Goldenseal -Too powerful an antibiotic for the developing fetus, also should not be used if nursing

Henbane -Highly toxic

Horsetail -Too high in silica for the developing fetus

Licorice Root -Can create water retention and/or elevated blood pressure

Motherwort -Stimulates suppressed menstruation

Mugwort -Can be a uterine stimulant

Nutmeg -Can cause miscarriage in large doses

Pennyroyal Leaf -Stimulates uterine contractions (NOTE: Pennyroyal essential oil should not be used by pregnant women at any time!)  ALSO do not handle if pregnant or nursing

Rue -Strong expellant

Shepherd’s Purse -Used only for hemmorhaging during/after childbirth

Uva Ursi -Removes too much blood sugar during pregnancy and nursing

Yarrow -Uterine stimulant


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