Hi There!

Thank you for visiting my corner of the web 🙂 Maybe you are a health veteran, or eager to learn more, or maybe not so eager but it is what is needed. Or you stumbled upon me while looking up a recipe. Whatever brought you here, I hope you find what you were looking for and more!

Me? I will throw out a life story down the line here… But for now, I am just a Lil Ol Girl trying to do right by her body and the Earth as much as much as she can and expecting a little Nut that I want to do the same for. While realizing you can’t ( and don’t) have to do everything out there healthy…. I do strive to do as much as I can. Some of us have more toxins or issues we struggle with and some can get away with just eating cleaner. I feel like I need to do a little more. This may not be your case. But I certainly do see from my results that the more you do the more amazing results you get, many that you would have never even imagined!  Honestly, I feel 300x better than what I was aiming for or even expected. I notice the difference in many ways, including a lot of issues I didn’t even REALIZE  were affecting me so negatively!! This is why I am here. I want to show you how easy it can be and give you the confidence to do so and maybe dispel some rumors keeping you from it 🙂

SO in a nutshell, you don’t need to go nuts trying to figure the ropes out. You DONT need to change every aspect of your life, and it definitely doesn’t have to be costly or boring!

I have SO much trying new recipes and coming up with my own at times. I hope you have fun on your journey too!




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