Where To Begin?

Well, as I sit here I can’t help but think it is a little ironic that my goal is to show you how easy being healthy can be and to make it easier on you to find a wealth of information, when I cant even decide where to begin! Well. I get lost in thought and especially with so much information floating around in my head. The way my brain works makes it hard to pull out information and keep it orderly at times. My mom would probably agree and liken it to my room as a child. And possibly now even,  I would deny the present accusations, of course 😉 And being 6 weeks away from  welcoming Lil V into this world, I can’t say my brain is at its most organized at the moment. So please bear with me as I figure out my footings here 🙂 And if you have a magic potion to zap Prego Brain, let me know! That is probably the one thing I haven’t been able to concoct..Besides nail polish…Someday….

In the meantime I do have a few things planned.

Menu Plans!

One of my main goals is to show people that you CAN live cheaply and organic, and with ease! I am currently depending on food stamps and while I just started my challenge, I am amazed at how easy it is. Not without a few setbacks as I will explain further, but those are from the special diet I am on while pregnant as I do not take prenatals. Even with them however, my first month was very easy especially since I had never menu planned before. I will be showing you my first month which was mostly planned, slight winging it and a few others as my nutritional needs change.

A Worst Offender Series!

I will be writing up a series of posts on what things (food, metals, instruments, equipment, etc) you should absolutely avoid and also what you could use instead. Some of these things you may not see as a big deal or cant replace just yet. That is fine take things one at a time! That is actually better for most people to go slow. But I do hope to open your eyes on a few things and this series will kind of outline just what is worse and what you can skate by with using for the time being.

Where & How To Start!

This will be a simple guide on how to start and what to do. You don’t have to do all at once and I will list a few things you can do, you can certainly pick and choose what makes the most sense for you and your family. I started small and grew from that. You don’t have to do it all at once and this should help you start somewhere and accomplish it with ease and less hair pulling out.

And of course I will also be posting about what I am learning and doing at the moment, new recipes, articles & studies, goals, etc. And lets be honest here, mayyybbbee a baby overload 😀 I know there are many mothers out there who wish to do better with their families but it can be hard! So, lets break those barriers mamas! We don’t have to sacrifice our families health for  more time OR wealth!

Looking forward to this adventure!









Hi There!

Thank you for visiting my corner of the web 🙂 Maybe you are a health veteran, or eager to learn more, or maybe not so eager but it is what is needed. Or you stumbled upon me while looking up a recipe. Whatever brought you here, I hope you find what you were looking for and more!

Me? I will throw out a life story down the line here… But for now, I am just a Lil Ol Girl trying to do right by her body and the Earth as much as much as she can and expecting a little Nut that I want to do the same for. While realizing you can’t ( and don’t) have to do everything out there healthy…. I do strive to do as much as I can. Some of us have more toxins or issues we struggle with and some can get away with just eating cleaner. I feel like I need to do a little more. This may not be your case. But I certainly do see from my results that the more you do the more amazing results you get, many that you would have never even imagined!  Honestly, I feel 300x better than what I was aiming for or even expected. I notice the difference in many ways, including a lot of issues I didn’t even REALIZE  were affecting me so negatively!! This is why I am here. I want to show you how easy it can be and give you the confidence to do so and maybe dispel some rumors keeping you from it 🙂

SO in a nutshell, you don’t need to go nuts trying to figure the ropes out. You DONT need to change every aspect of your life, and it definitely doesn’t have to be costly or boring!

I have SO much trying new recipes and coming up with my own at times. I hope you have fun on your journey too!