So Much To Raise…

Hi There and Welcome!

I’m Nicholle and I am the mastermind behind this blog. I hope to help some of you learn new things as well as help continue others on their journey! There is always something new to learn after all, and none of us know everything.

In todays world so many things need to and or can be raised.








Even your eyebrows(Especially at suspicious ingredients in commercial products)! I hope to help answer questions you may have, through my posts and additional ones in the comments! I aim to be as healthy as I can be and do it within my means and show you how to lessen costs and do it proficiently too! So stay tuned for thoughts, recipes, or blog posts including articles, thoughts, recipes, and more!

What I like most about herbs and natural remedies is you take one for one thing, and it cures or relieves many more! I often get lost in page upon page of benefits and then end up in a rabbit hole of research! So I am excited to present you a concise summary of my learnings 🙂


What sort of things do YOU want to raise?



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